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Our goal is to provide a Christian based school-at-home program where students and parents work with certified Christian teachers to accomplish academic goals.  Our materials cover the Learning Outcomes mandated by the Department of Education and also include the Christian values that make our program unique. 

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What is Distributed Learning?

WCAS is one of many distributed learning schools in the province of British Columbia. These schools can be public schools or independent schools under the direction of the B.C. Ministry of Education. All students must meet the British Columbia learning outcomes for their prescribed grade. WCAS is licensed and accredited by the provincial government. WCAS offers programs and courses that have been developed by the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist church and are augmented by direct teacher input in support of the K-12 BC curriculum.

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What does it cost to take Distance Education?

There is no cost for British Columbia citizens resident in British Columbia or temporarily travelling out of the province for up to (2) two years who have not previously graduated.  All resources required for specific courses are supplied on a refundable deposit basis. Refunds are issued when resources are returned in good condition.  If you reside in a province other than BC please contact us for fee schedule.

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Can I transfer back to regular school after attending WCAS?

You may transfer back to regular school at any time. The curriculum match for students leaving WCAS and entering regular schools will be the receiving school’s responsibility.  Since the learning outcomes are from the Ministry of Education for both schools the transition should be smooth.

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What are the roles of WCAS’s Administration and Teachers?

  1. Provide an educational program with courses accredited with the BC Department of Education
  2. Provide a structured schedule for subject completion on a computer-based Moodle page
  3. Send textbooks, workbooks, and other resources needed for Learning Outcomes
  4. Provide personal contact in the Collaborate classroom on a regular basis to meet with students
  5. Provide a grade (progress) report for the student after each grading period
  6. Stay in regular contact with parents through phone, email, Collaborate classroom, or Skype
  7. Assist the student or parent with any technical help needed
  8. Work with parent/supervisor to assist with periodic individual student needs
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What is Moodle?

Moodle is the course management system used by WCAS to deliver course content and resources to the student.  Think of Moodle as being the electronic course outline where students are able to find their assignments, instructions and the resources the teacher has provided for the student to complete the course.  The Moodle site is arranged by grade level, with each course having a separate link to its own set of resources.  Students only have access to courses for which they have been registered, and need a username and password to enter the Moodle site.

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What happens in the Collaborate classroom?

An Collaborate classroom is an online site where the teacher will meet with the student and/or parent.  It will be accessed by a link on the Moodle site from the course page for the subject that your student will have access to by way of a Username and Password once they have been registered with WCAS.  When the student logs into the Collaborate classroom he/she can have real time conversations with the teacher, like on a telephone, or the student may type instant messages to the teachers or perhaps other students in the classroom at the same time.  The teacher will discuss the lessons with the students, while on the whiteboard in the classroom the teacher may write or have students write or draw, just like in a regular classroom.  Teachers may also use this space to put up a PowerPoint presentation, clips, notes, or interactive displays.  This is also where the teacher meets with a student to help with curriculum or concept problems or any questions that the student or parent may have.

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How is the WCAS High School program different from other DL High School programs?

The major difference between the WCAS High School program and other programs is that the majority of our classes are offered to our students live.  Students are able to log into the Elluminate classroom and meet with their teacher and other students in the course on a daily basis to interact with them and receive instruction.  This means that students will be able to participate in actual classes, and have a daily schedule they would follow, just like in a regular brick-and-mortar school, the only difference being they are attending the classes via the internet on their computer.

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Do the High School students have to attend live classes or can they work on their own?

If students do not want to be tied into a live class with its structure and deadlines, and would rather work on their own and not have to attend a class daily, our Mentored Course Program would be more suitable.  For courses that are mentored, students are assigned a teacher when they register for the course and are given access to the course’s Moodle page.  The student can then follow the assignments and resources as provided on the Moodle page for that course and complete the assignments as outlined.  Should the student need assistance they may contact the assigned teacher for help, and will submit their assignments to that teacher for correction and feedback.  The students are able to complete the course in their own time.

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What if a student starts a High School live class but decides they want to take it mentored?

Students are able to switch over to the mentored program if they find the live classes do not fit into their schedule.  If the student falls too far behind in the live class, they may find themselves automatically switched over to a mentored class situation to help them complete the course.

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What are the responsibilities of the High School Parent / Supervisor?

  1. Complete and send all WCAS registration forms to enroll student
  2. Provide a suitable environment for the student to do schoolwork
  3. Keep all WCAS books in good repair
  4. Stay in regular contact with WCAS staff to monitor student progress
  5. Help your student stay up-to-date with Moodle’s schedule for completion
  6. Report any problems with program to WCAS quickly
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What are the responsibilities of the Student?

  1. Cooperate with parent/supervisor to accomplish learning outcome goals
  2. Meet with the teacher regularly in the Collaborate
  3.  classroom for the subject taught
  4. Commit to a daily schedule and complete assignments as outlined on Moodle
  5. Stay positive and focus on the opportunity to do school at home
  6. Let your teacher know if you need extra help with a concept
  7. Participate in 150 minutes of Daily Physical Activity each week, submitting the logs to the appropriate teacher
  8. Let your teacher know if you don’t understand instructions on Moodle
  9. Complete daily assignments in a timely manner and submitting them on a regular basis to the teachers
  10. Participate in all testing as instructed by the teacher, administration and Ministry of Education
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Questions a Parent or Guardian should ask themselves before starting this program.

  1. Am I willing to learn the necessary technology to help my child?
  2. Am I willing to be actively involved in my child’s education and progress?
  3. Do I check my emails regularly and respond to them in a timely fashion?
  4. Can I assist my child in establishing a daily routine?
  5. Am I willing to assist my child in organizing daily work and assignments?
  6. Can I be aware of deadlines and working with my child to ensure that assignments and tests are being completed and submitted to the teacher by the due dates?
  7. Will I encourage my child to ask the teacher questions when he/she does not understand?
  8. Is my relationship with my child such that he/she will respond to my support, encouragement and assistance?
  9. Do I enjoy being with my child?
  10. Am I willing to discuss and encourage my child’s progress?
  11. Can I provide a positive learning environment?
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What Equipment and Programs are needed to do this program?

  1. High Speed Internet 
  2. Laptop (preferred) or Desk-top Computer
  3. Scanner
  4. Printer
  5. Webcam *enhances the experience but is not essential
  6. Student Gmail email address (provided by the wcasdl.ca for full-time students)
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What is the difference between “home school” and “distributed learning”?

The home school student is registered at a school in their local district.  The educational program is provided totally by the parent with no guidance or supervision from a school or the Ministry of Education. Students will not receive a Dogwood certificate upon completion.  At this time we do not offer this program.

The student registered in a distributed learning school may also do their work at home.  However, the educational program is supervised and directed by a certified teacher and the parent’s role is to help facilitate the student’s learning.  Students are evaluated at regular intervals and have report cards, files, and permanent student records just like classroom students do.  When students have met the grade 12 Ministry requirements as taught in this DL setting they will receive the BC Dogwood Graduation Diploma.  This is the program we provide.

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How will WCAS implement the ministry guidelines?

WCAS students Grades 9-12 will receive a Username and Password for the online Moodle page.  The Moodle page can be accessed from the bottom of this website.  When they have accessed this page (protected by Username and Password given to students after registration) they will find the courses, in their particular grade, outlined for them in an organized format.  Each course is organized with assignments to meet the Learning Outcomes mandated by the BC Ministry of Education.  Students will also receive textbooks and resource materials to coordinate with the courses outlined on the Moodle.

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Do WCAS’s students participate in Daily Physical Activities (DPA)?

Certainly.  As in all other schools our students need exercise.  Students are expected to submit to the assigned teacher logs outlining their physical activity to meet the 150 minute per week requirement.

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I have more questions or I would like personal contact.  How can I do this?

Under the Contact Us tab you may fill out the Information Request or use the School Information link to find our phone numbers and email addresses.  We will be pleased to contact you.

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Can I sign my child up for one or two DL classes?

At the high school level (Grades 10-12), students can be enrolled in more than one school to take a selection of courses.  Therefore, should a student be enrolled as a student at another school, but would like to take courses from WCAS, they would complete the cross-enrollment form under the admissions tab.

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