Elementary (K-8)
West Coast is proud to support parents through Christian Distributed Learning right in your own home. Our teachers provide the curriculum and track student progress, while parents have the opportunity to work side-by-side with their children. Our Kindergarten to grade 4 classes meet once per week online with a teacher who will help answer questions and track progress. Students in Grades 5-8 meet online twice a week for additional help in English, Math, and Science. 

Role of the Elementary WCAS Parent

At West Coast Adventist School, we believe that the parents are the child's primary teachers. Our role is to assist you in the academic and spiritual development of your child. When you make the commitment to school at home, it is important that parents realize that you will generally be responsible for supervising your child(ren)'s daily activities. A quality learning program is dependent on the collaboration between the parent and the teacher.

Specifically, it is expected that the parent will:
1. Support and assist with the collection and documentation of academic achievement
This may involve:
a. Collecting and submitting various work samples to the teacher
b. Proctoring tests
c. Grading formative assessment pieces
2. Communicate academic progress regularly with your child(ren)'s teacher
a. Emails
b. Phone calls
c. Live classes
d. Online forms
3. Reflect positively and collaboratively with the teacher from West Coast Adventist School with a focus on student progress and improvement.
4. Develop appropriate safety procedures in the home that will be followed in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster.
5. Provide the school with all documentation that the Ministry of Education expects to be kept on file.

6. Create and maintain an atmosphere for academic success. While you have flexibility in the scheduling of work and holiday times, please remember that the learner must complete all the outcomes given by the Ministry of Education.

7. Particpate in FSA testing in Grades 4 and 7.
8. Provide parental oversight with all non-live courses. Please help your child(ren) develop time frames and deadlines to ensure that the course will be completed fully and on time.

9. Pray!  Please pray for all our students, parents, teachers, and staff. Choosing to educate your children at home is a committment to building young people that will make a positive difference in the world.
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